The courage to follow your own path.

The brand AQUA ORGANIC was founded in 2009 by Dr. Lars-Peter Kuhr and Bernd Schmidt. The doctor for human medicine Dr Kuhr specialises in aesthetic dermatology, anti-aging medicine and naturopathy. Bernd Schmidt is responsible for the brand philosophy and product design. For AQUA ORGANIC they united their medicinal expertise with their sensitivity for aesthetics and well-being.
The idea for AQUA ORGANIC was derived from a disappointment. Back then Bernd Schmidt and Lars-Peter Kuhr had just founded their own medical spa and were looking for an organic line of cosmetics. But everything they tried and tested didn’t come up to their expectations. Products were homespun, oily and didn’t smell good at all. So they told themselves: „We can do better than this.“ This decision was the cornerstone for a clear-cut concept involving everything from look & feel, ingredients up to financing. Medicinal expertise and the practical knowledge from treating clients and patients on a daily basis completed the formula. Every aspect, every level should bear their creative handwriting. From the beginning Dr Lars-Peter Kuhr and Bernd Schmidt set up a sound finance model, without investors, for a self-sufficient and natural growth. After visiting several fairs they also found a manufactory that would put their formula into practice.

From domestic use to market maturity.

The first edition mainly served the domestic use in their own spa. But since the product received rave reviews Bernd Schmid and Lars-Peter Kuhr dared a relaunch in 2013 with a complete make-over to make a highly visible mark for the broader public. The brand had solid foundations and proved ready for its next growth phase without giving up the trusted triad „organic, unique and exclusive“. Ever since AQUA ORGANIC enjoys an excellent reputation with ever-growing revenues both on the home market and abroad. The courage to follow their own path keeps paying off for Dr Kuhr and Mr Schmidt.

Dr. Kuhr & Bernd Schmidt